WordWrap: Swimming Upstream

A public art project celebrating rivers, restoration and environmental advocacy in Maine.

We do not get a second chance planet - banner slogan
View from installation, Gardiner, Maine.

For WordWrap: Swimming Upstream I created a series of text/image art prints that reflect on political, social and scientific issues surrounding the cleanup of the Kennebec and other rivers in Maine.

Views from installation, Waterville, Maine.

I am inspired by people, past and present, who worked to dramatically improve conditions for the Kennebec and other rivers in Maine and surrounding communities. This digital print series celebrates their stories and sparks discussion of current environmental issues.

Views from Ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the Edwards Dam Removal,  Augusta, Maine

This project project was initially funded by Waterville Creates! as part of the Waterville Creates! 2018 Temporary Public Art Installation  events. These prints were on exhibit from June 2 – September 30, 2018 in Waterville, Maine along the West Riverside Loop at the Quarry Road Trails.

Views from installation,  Augusta, Maine

Special thanks to Richard Behr and Tina Wood for their role in bringing WordWrap: Swimming Upstream back to Maine and to Augusta Parks and RecreationKennebec Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Upstream for supporting and hosting this exhibition in 2019.

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