Print #8. ANCSA, 1971

Print #8. ANCSA, 1971. 32×16″ 18 oz. scrim weatherproof vinyl.

Text & Citations for Print #8: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), 1971

“In order to make it do these good things, the provisions in it must be handled carefully, always with feelings that it is being done for the good of the present generation and for the good of the native people in the future.”
Editorial Comment. “Strange Culmination of a Difficult Fight.” Tundra Times, 22 December, 1971.

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“WordWrap 2017: Historical Reflections on the Law of the Land.” Created by Lisa Link for the Alaska Sesquicentennial Commemorative Exhibit, “Voices of Change: Perspectives on the Transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States” at Sitka National Historical Park.