2015: Boston -Statement & Process

What is WordWrap?

The theme for the 2015 Art Grove in Franklin Park was  “Endurance.”  Lisa and Blanca proposed, WordWrap, a series of text/image prints wrapped around trees with stories, quotes, ideas, and observations related to endurance, all contributed by people from Boston. Each banner is 32×10,” printed on weatherproof vinyl, in color.


Lisa and Blanca spoke with people about their thoughts on the theme of “Endurance” and the idea of putting words creatively in a public well-travelled space.  They were thrilled with the range of responses that people contributed – personal reflections, references to inspiring historic figures, and culturally specific proverbs.

Below are a sample of questions that Lisa & Blanca asked.

  • What inspires you to keep going?
  • Who do you admire for their strength?
  • Is there a poem, quote, short story, family member’s or friend’s achievement related to endurance that you want to honor with a  Word Wrap banner?
  • Is there someone from history whose endurance you admire and want to honor?
  • Have  your picture taken with friends and family, with a Word Wrap banner during the opening event, August 8-9th 11am-6pm in the Franklin Park Wilderness Picnic Grove by photographer Lisa Link who will email you the digital file. Please share on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest.
  • Check out the Google Map on this blog  to show you where in the park the banners were during August .