WordWrap: A Public Art Project

WordWrap began as a public art project celebrating the diverse voices of Boston neighborhoods forPop-Up: Franklin Park Art Grove.  Lisa Link collaborated with Blanca Bonilla to create the 50 WordWraps  for the group exhibition & celebration in Franklin Park, Boston (2015).

Lisa continued to develop the WordWrap project, expanding the designs with “Concord Conversations” created for the Concord Art Ramble 2016.  

In 2017, Lisa designed more WordWraps, “Historical Reflections on The Law of the Land” for the 2017 group exhibition “Voices of Change: Perspectives on the Transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States” at the Sitka National Historical Park in Sitka, Alaska. 14 prints were on view along the walking trail and 1 print was shown inside the gallery.

In 2018, Lisa created 22 new WordWraps  celebrating rivers, restoration and environmental advocacy in Maine as part of a summer public art project for Waterville Creates! in Waterville, Maine. In 2019, two printed sets of WordWrap: Swimming Upstream were shown in Gardiner, Maine and Augusta, Maine starting in April and continuing through the September (in Augusta). Lisa is grateful for the support of Kennebec Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited, Upstream, and Augusta Parks and Recreation for hosting and supporting this exhibition in Maine in 2019.


7 thoughts on “WordWrap: A Public Art Project

  1. What we think is normal can change in an instant…the new normal will eventually take residence but only if you endure through the pain, acceptance, and growth, that comes from being reborn.

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